3 Ways To Take Advantage Of Free Shipping Over $300

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***Back by popular demand, our free shipping offer on qualifying orders is back for November.***

Free Shipping Over $300

As you may have read in our recent Launch Post, iXLStore.com is now live. Our goal is to simplify every part of the purchasing process for iXL Oil Products.

In our excitement, we've decided to celebrate with you. iXLStore.com is offering free shipping on qualifying orders.

So what constitutes a qualifying order?

Qualifying Orders

A qualifying order is one placed through iXLStore.com during the month of September of at least $300.

Any eligible product, any amounts, any distance (to the lower 48 states, which is iXLStore.com's shipping area).

The only exception to eligibility for the Free Shipping September Offer are 120lbs barrels of grease. Because of their weight we are unable to include them in this offer.

To help you take advantage of this limited time free-shipping offer, we put together a list of our 3 products or bundles that will instantly qualify your order for free shipping.

3 Easy Ways To Qualify

  1. The Ultimate Big Rig Kit ($353.75)
    Everything you need to protect your truck from front to back, and inside as well. The Ultimate Big Rig Kit has all of the additives for your engine, transmission and differential fluids, grease tubes for your 5th wheel and zerks, and case of 100 Treat - Regen Fix Diesel Treatments.
  2. 1 Case of Regen Fix + 1 Case of Grease ($339.70)
    While not an official bundle, we think this combination is a great deal. A case of Regen Fix Diesel Treatments - 100 Treats and a case of Premium Grease Tubes. These are two of our most effective products that you don't ever want to run out of.
  3. Regen Fix 10,000 Gallon Bulk Treat ($749.99)
    We recognize that not all of you need to treat 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel at a time. But for those few of you who do, not only will you be simplifying the already easy dosing process, but you'll get the product shipped to you free of charge.

These are by no means the only ways to qualify for the Free Shipping Over $300 Offer. To find your $300 deal, Shop iXL.

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