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AG-100 Aerosol Grease - #2 NLGI aerosol grease, spray grease, iXL Grease
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iXl Premium Item #: AER-PAPG -

The Power of A Premium Grease. The Simplicity Of An Aerosol. iXL AG-100 is the only aerosol grease in the world with the power of iXL Technologies&mark;, to resist heat and pressure. AG-100 represents the easiest way to apply a thick calcium sulfonate grease from a distance. This "Grease Tube In A Can" sprays up to 6 feet. A Grease That Works Harder, So You Don't Have To It used to be that if you wanted thick, tacky grease that would lubricate and last, your only option was to load a grease...

iXL Gold Lubricant - All Purpose Advanced Lubricant ixl gold, ixl gold lubricant, pen lube, penetrant lubricants, chain lube, cable lube, silicone spray, lubricating oil, graphite lube, drilling oil
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iXl Premium Item #: AER-IXL -

A Unique Approach To Lubrication iXL Gold Lubricant uses heat-activated iXL Technologies&mark; that penetrate under rust and buildup to lubricate the metal underneath. Because iXL Gold Lubricant lubricates from the inside out, you use less than with a penetrating oil, and have a lesser chance of damaging the stuck parts. One Can Replaces Them All Shop managers and mechanics love iXL Gold Lubricant because it replaces so many other aerosol sprays and lubricants. One can of iXL Gold can replace:...