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Regen Fix - Premium Diesel Treatment diesel treatment, diesel additive, regen fix, egr, scr, dpf, egr regeneration
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Fix Forced Regenerations Before They HappeniXL Regen Fix Premium Diesel Treatment is the only diesel fuel additive with iXL Technologies&makr; helps prevent EGR and SCR systems from going into forced regenerations. iXL Regen Fix Helps prevent DPF buildup at the point of combustion because it allows diesel fuel to burn more efficiently at the point of combustion. Thanks to the increased infficiency, trucks using Regen Fix Have seen: Dramatically extends regeneration intervals Reduced DEF...

Regen Fix + Anti-Gel - Premium Winter Diesel Treatment anti-gel, diesel treatment, diesel additive, egr, scr, dpf
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Keeps You Running Down to -30°FiXL Regen Fix + Anti-Gel prevents diesel fuel from gelling down to -30°F and below. Regen Fix + Anti-Gel is a proprietary winter formula specifically designed to protect diesel engines, filters, and injectors in unusually cold environments. Also Helps With After Treatment SystemsNot only does Regen Fix + Anti-Gel keep your rig running in sub-zero temperatures, it also reduces your chances of experiencing forced regeneration. It helps your rig burn diesel fuel...